Personalization is having a moment in Beauty as select brands are taking personalized recommendations further with bespoke products. For example, Function of Beauty develops signature shampoo and conditioner sets for users based on their hair type, and lets them to pick a color and a name to be etched on the bottle. And just last month QVC founder Joe Segel partnered with an owner of a chain of salons to develop Cloud 10 Hair Care. Cloud 10 Hair Care develops personalized shampoos and conditioners, an idea inspired by salon stylist mixing shampoos to better cater to their clients’ needs.

Customized experiences and products not only cater to a wider range of consumers who may shun a brand’s signature products, they provide an opportunity for brands to interact with consumers. For example, Sephora’s pilot of Pinrose (a fragrance company that recommends scents based on shoppers responses to a visual quiz) revealed that stores with iPads containing a version of the Pinrose quiz yielded twice as many sales as stores without. The quiz – yielding a mix of curiosity and information about the brand – is exactly the type of experience that increases in-store sales.

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