text-3While smartphone penetration in Korea is the highest in the world (70%), tablets present a unique set of challenges. Just 14% of the country’s online shoppers prefer to buy on a tablet, compared to 48% on mobile phones. Brands have shied away from tablet sites as a result. While several in L2’s Korea Beauty Index Hera, Hanyul, mamonde, lope, and L’Occitane use responsive design to make their sites functional on all types of devices, no Beauty brand has created a tablet-specific page for Korea.

Phablets – ranging in length from five to seven inches – present a challenge to tablet-specific sites. And they are far more common in Korea than in other countries, with a penetration rate of 48% vs. the 8 to 9% global average.

So far, Korean brands seem to have navigated the challenge well with responsive sites that display all content on all devices. Just 9% of brands brands in the study – History of Whoo, Artistry, Emprani, Charmzone – have broken links on their tablet sites.

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