pillsbury‘Gifted’ brand and 3rd in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Food Pillsbury hosts an annual Bake-Off contest choosing a winner among recipes using Pillsbury products. Last year, the brand partnered with Picky Palate, a blog run by a two-time Bake-Off finalist Jenny Flake with 90,000 unique monthly visitors. Flake covered the contest and promoted it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, expanding the reach of the contest by an additional 200,000 followers.


The Picky Palate Instagram account has more than 24,000 followers compared to Pillsbury’s 6367, but Pillsbury has twice the Facebook fans of Picky Palate. Pillsbury posted rules and photos on its own Facebook account, and leveraged the Picky Palate’s followers for contest photos. Pillsbury complemented the Picky Palate’s efforts with a ‘Behind the Scenes’ blog of the Bake-Off featuring baking tips, photos from the event, and most-pinned recipes.


Pillsbury held its first Bake-Off in 1949, and has since updated the 60-year tradition with blogger partnerships and cross-platform promotions. The brand also communicates frequently with 8.8 marketing emails per week, and has a YouTube channel with one of the top ten most-viewed Food brand videos. Pillsbury’s communication strategy is an example of how tapping into brand heritage and embracing new social and marketing tools can lead to stellar results.

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