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In our Intelligence Report on Social Platforms we found that social media had little direct ROI. In the past four years, Facebook contributed to 0.25% of e-commerce customer acquisition and Twitter contributed to less than 0.01%.


Despite the low calculable results continue to invest in various platforms. 99.6% of prestige brands are present on Facebook. 95.5% use Twitter. 69.2% are on Instagram and 83.8% are on Pinterest. Our research also found that Instagram users are 25% more likely to engage than other brands due to a strong visual component.

That could bode well for Pinterest, a visual pinboard that announced the launch of Pin Maps this week. A handful of hotels, travel magazines and rating sites such such as the Four Seasons Hotels, Airbnb, Condé Nast have already started pinning food, lodging options and scenery on a Map overlay. Place Pins let users pin photos based on location and lay them out on a map. It was built with technology from FourSquare, Stamen and Mapbox, which make for a better map visualization than the standard Apple or Google Maps.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of this launch is that users can find pins on their based on their physical location. Pinterest CEO Ben Silberman says Pinterest has over 750 million pins in the travel category, and users pin 1.5 million travel pins per day. Geolocation capabilities can make it a place for spontaneous discovery in addition to travel planning.

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