the-satorialist (1)A recent study suggests Pinterest users believe ads are not all that bad, as long as they are relevant and well-placed. Overall, 73% of the platform’s active users were neutral to positive about Promoted Pins. And while the reaction of Instagrammers to ads was not quantified, the flurry of comments on Michael Kors’ first ad provided a glimpse.


An infographic from Adweek based on the report shows some other interesting facts about users. 83% prefer to follow a brand rather than a celebrity, and 30% use the Pinterest app in-store to guide their purchases. On Instagram, celebrities have the most popular Instagram accounts and brands frequently promote their brand through those influence. Furthermore, Pinterest users are 7% wealthier than non-users.


None of this changes the fact that Pinterest has done nothing to capitalize on user interest for brands. It introduced Promoted Pins long after Instagram had run its first ads. And its rolling out of commercial features was slow enough that select brands launched their own pin boards.


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