With the 2018 Super Bowl around the corner, Pizza Hut is rolling out a promotion to drive sign-ups for its Hut Rewards loyalty program. The twist? It’s tied into the performance of the players.

If the current record for fastest touchdown scored in the history of the NFL (14 seconds into the game) is broken during this year’s Super Bowl, all Hut Rewards members will score a free two-topping medium pizza. As restaurant apps struggle to catch the attention of millennials, offering such incentives for loyalty is crucial.

In a marketplace driven by millennials who exhibit little brand loyalty, rewards programs help drive order frequency and pump up order size. They are closely integrated with mobile ordering: Pizza Hut generates half of its orders digitally, and 70% of online orders come from mobile.

Promotions also fare well on other social platforms, such as Facebook, where Pizza Hut earned five million interactions during the study period for L2’s Digital IQ Index: Restaurants. While most restaurant brands struggle to gain app traction, Pizza Hut is one of the select few with more ratings on the App Store than all the popular courier apps, making it clear that the company knows how and where to reach the digital generation.

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