For consumer electronics brands, Instagram has been an ideal space to promote products. However, as the platform’s pay-to-play shift changes its algorithm, brands are discovering the potential of other platforms.

Instagram generated 95% of interactions with consumer electronics brands in 2016, but dropped to 78% in 2017, according to L2’s Social Strategies report. Brands reacted by posting less frequently, thus generating more interactions per post.

They also moved to other platforms. Gaming brands hopped onto Facebook to feature long-form content like videos, blogs, and livestreams of events. This offered several advantages. For instance, on Facebook, brands have larger captive audiences to whom they can promote targeted (and usually longer) media than the content preferred on Instagram. YouTube became another destination for increased investments: GoPro and Apple promoted over half of their YouTube videos in 2017, in contrast to less than 5% the previous year.

By tailoring content to each platform, pushing platform-specific targeted offerings, and strategically allocating spend between many platforms as opposed to just one, consumer electronics brands can ensure progress within a rapidly changing social landscape. Whether these new strategies will lead to the dethroning of Instagram, however, is yet to be seen.

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