L2’s Prestige Beauty Insight Report: Retailer E-Commerce looks which brands are prioritizing visibility on department store sites vs. Sephora. Estée Lauder has chosen department stores. The conglomerates brands appear more frequently on the first page results for 6.1% of relevant keywords, more than twice as often as L’Oréal Group. The top four brands with the highest visibility on Macys.com (Clinique, Estée Lauder, MAC Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown) all come from the ELC portfolio. Same for the six of the top 10 most visible brands on Nordstrom.com.


Brands that are not part of the LVMH portfolio have less control over search visibility on Sephora.com, as the online retailer has created synergies with its owner. Make Up For Ever – LVMH brand exclusively distributed by Sephora – has the highest search visibility on Sephora. On average, non-LVMH brands appear in first page search results for 2.2% of relevant keyword searches vs. 3.7% for LVMH brands.

But Sephora visibility can boost conversion due to its number of reviews, which influence 90% of Beauty purchases. Best-selling products on Sephora have on average 5x the reviews than on comparable sites.


Benefit Cosmetics’ flagship products are benefiting from Sephora’s quantity of user-reviews. Its “They’re Real” mascara and “Porefessional” Primer have significantly more reviews than any other professional.


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