Last year’s 121% increase in travel revenue via mobile devices might have created a sense of urgency among hotel brands to up their mobile game. L2’s Prestige Hotels: Mobile Bookings study finds brands have greatly increased their overall adoption of mobile. 89% of brands now have a mobile optimized site, compared to 79% in 2013. The number of brands using a desktop site as a mobile site decreased from 16% to 7% between 2013 and 2014, and none of the brands in the L2 study continue to use a partial mobile site.

prestige-hotels-2014-united-states-mobile-site-experience (1)

On a feature level, however, mobile sites continue to lag. Brands have focused on mobile galleries and local travel guides and neglected reviews, favorites folders, and reservation support for in-hotel activities. Only 27% of brands allow users to read reviews on their mobile site vs. 64% for desktop. Just 6% allow users to save a property as a favorite.



Fewer deals than desktop is another shortcoming of mobile sites. Only 24% of prestige hotel mobile sites offer room upgrades vs. 44% of desktop sites.


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