Our Digital IQ Index: Personal Care China report found Procter & Gamble to have the strongest digital footprint of all parent companies in our study. Eight of the ten brands that topped our Index were P&G brands, and Camay was the only one of its brands to fall in the Challenged class. P&G commands 15.1% of the China Personal Care market, and is a leader in the Bath and Shower, Hair Care, and Oral Care categories.

P&G has a widespread e-commerce presence that directs consumers to purchase. It has a centralized Tmall shop, as well as independent and branded Tmall storefronts for Gillette, Olay, Oral-B and Pampers. It is the only brand besides local toothpaste brand Yunnan Baiyao to sell directly to consumers. On Tmall, the P&G store has the highest number of reviews, 360,000, almost double those of runner up Hengan International Group.

tmall (1)

P&G also launched a page on interactive Q&A community Baidu Zhida, through which it provides timely customer service and collects consumer data. A look at P&G’s e-commerce strategy makes a case for meeting consumers on all platforms.

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