Time Inc. has bought two car-focused YouTube channels, /Drive and Fast Lane Daily, allowing the country’s largest magazine publisher to tap into the lucrative market for auto-related video content.

“There’s an incredible appetite on the behalf of consumers and advertisers for video, and these purchases will enable us to produce more video content and offer marketers more opportunities to distribute native video,” Edouard Portelette, vice president of business operations for The Foundry – which runs the publisher’s in-house native content and marketing teams – told The Wall Street Journal.

The two channels combined boast nearly two million subscribers, testifying to that appetite on the consumer end, and L2 research suggests that car brands will be equally eager to sponsor content. Such spending is key to success on YouTube, where the most-viewed Auto brand videos have the most money behind them. Looking at the brands with the highest view counts (Toyota, Mazda, Honda, and Nissan), L2’s Digital IQ Index: Auto attributes about 80% of those views to paid strategies.

Impact of paid media on new video views

Automakers account for some of the world’s biggest spenders in advertising; in the digital realm, they account for the second-largest share of ad dollars. As YouTube becomes an increasingly crucial playing field in digital and Auto brands step up their investments in car-related content, Time Inc.’s acquisition could soon pay off.

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