While 73% of Food brands in L2’s 2016 Digital IQ Index: Food officially distribute on Amazon, only 27% are actively implementing links to the e-tailer from the brand site. This illustrates an opportunity for brands to optimize their purchase path to Amazon on site to boost online sales.

Of the observed brands with links to Amazon on site, there was an even split between brands who were linking to Amazon from store locators and product pages. However, brands who linked from product pages, linked to Amazon product pages 59% more than brands linking from their store locators. Only 5 brands (Cheerios, Dove, Hellman’s, Kashi and Orville) performed poorly and had the majority of their products appear as unavailable on the retailer.



Hershey’s was one of the more efficient enterprises in redirecting consumers to Amazon for its suite of products (Hershey’s, Kisses, and Kit Kat), averaging four clicks flat compared to the 4.5 clicks it took for brands to get to an Amazon product page, on average. Mars products- Snickers, Twix and M&M’s- all redirect to the Marschocolate enterprise page before linking to Amazon, slowing the overall purchase path.


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