A previous L2 Daily posts discusses how WeChat has yet to prove that it has scalable reach. But L2 research on spending suggests Beauty and Personal care conglomerates are looking at this platform as the next “must-win” for brands. Beauty brands have especially invested in sophisticated WeChat accounts: Fifty-three percent of the 100 Beauty brands tracked by L2 have invested in WeChat Commerce and 60% have integrated loyalty programs with the app. Procter & Gamble, L’Oréal, Shiseido and others are actively posting on WeChat, with Estée Lauder Companies and L’Oréal in the lead for engagement.

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Among brands, Lancôme and Mary Kay have the highest number of views and interactions per post. So what drives brands to hit out of the ballpark in WeChat success? In the case of Mary Kay, it is a pyramid sales model that requires interaction with sales associates and other customers for purchase. In the case of Lancôme, contests drive views and participation. All of WeChat’s ten most-viewed beauty posts are contests and giveaways, with four belonging to Lancôme.

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Even though a brand post on Sina Weibo is likely to garner 52 to 212 times more views than a WeChat post, the latter is not necessarily a waste of investment. The number of social media users in the country is 2.7x (481 million vs. 180 million) the number in the US, and reaching a fraction could bring a boost to sales.

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