Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 9.10.30 PML2 announced this week that former President of Millward Brown Digital/Compete Scott Ernst is joining the company as CEO. Founder and former CEO Scott Galloway will be Chairman, and the two will be working closely together. Ernst has a 20+year career in digital marketing, working with the big consumer brands to help them better understand and interpret consumer behavior in order to drive digital, marketing and business performance.

Compete was Ernst’s fourth startup, and he was able to lead it from a 20-person start-up all the way to a successful acquisition and integration with one of the world’s largest marketing services company, WPP.

We asked Scott Ernst a few questions:

What enticed you leave your previous position to join L2?
Few firms have established as big a footprint this fast, among so many iconic global brands. The company has demonstrated great initial success with a unique offer and notable brands clients with massive budgets. The Digital IQ offering has established itself as the standard for digital competence.

Can you share with us some of those notable brands?
Estée Lauder, Four Seasons, Procter & Gamble, Macy’s, Unilever and Richemont and 300 other customers rely on L2 to benchmark their digital competence.

Scott Galloway will have an active role as Chairman after you join. How will he help you with the transition? We both see this as the evolution of L2, not a replacement. In fact, this is a model that Scott (Galloway) implemented with success at both Red Envelope and Profit.

When are you officially making the transition to CEO of L2? This is my first week at L2. However, I’ve spent a significant amount of time with L2’s management team, working hand-in-hand with Scott Galloway to ensure we both transition smoothly into our new roles. I’m extremely excited about this opportunity to work with such a great management team to grow this company.

How would you classify L2? Business Intelligence for Digital…think of L2 as a research-based member organization focused on a data-driven assessment of the digital competence of consumer brands.

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