BK_headshot_Aug-2011_horizontal_smallOne of the hits at yesterday’s L2 Forum was Ben Kaufman the CEO of innovation platform, Quirky. Quirky makes invention accessible to everyone by crowdsourcing. Those who have an idea can submit it – even if it’s just a sketch – for a chance for collaborators at Quirky to work on it. Those who don’t have an idea but want to help invent something can participate in multiple ways, from submitting names and headlines to determining pricing.

Kaufman’s first company was Mophie, which he created with money from a second-mortgage his parents took on their home. The success of Mophie – which brought it more than $200 million in revenue last – made Kaufman realize the key to his success was his accessibility to money (i.e. parents trusting him enough to risk their credit and home). Therefore, some of the best ideas could be trapped inside the heads of people who needed a platform to build them.

Among Quirky’s success stories are Pivot Power inventor Jake Zien and Aros Inventor Garthen Leslie, whose app-controlled air-conditioner was developed in partnership with GE and 2,238 Quirky participants.

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