Not since Canadian e-retailer Ssense and UK fashion house Burberry launched two of the first shoppable music videos in early April have we heard or seen many others. Then today, a new iteration, this one from Rachel Zoe and Neiman Marcus (where the stylist/designer’s new jewelry collection is exclusively sold) that, unlike its predecessors, centers more around the merchandise than famous musicians. More ad campaign than MTV, the video, which debuted on the department store’s Facebook page today, features a model in various states of slo-mo, freeze-frame and fast-forward, dancing to Wildlife Control’s catchy pop anthem, “Analog or Digital.”


Though the clothes and shoes are unmistakably Zoe-esque (fur gillet, sequins mini, towering chunky heels), the video’s focus is on the designer’s 40-piece art deco-inspired costume jewelry collection–literally. For each of the shoppable items, which range from a $150 14K gold and Swarovski crystal-encrusted “love me knot” ring to a navel-grazing $650 black enamel and gold tassel necklace (Zoe’s favorite), a clickable prompt appears on-screen, encouraging the viewer to “learn more.” As you can see at right, there are three options: (1) like an item on Facebook, (2) Tweet a video announcement of the collection, or (3) proceed to the item’s product page on the Neiman Marcus site to read more and/or purchase.


Unlike Ssense and Burberry’s shoppable videos, both of which felt much more like novelties (high-profile musicians, elaborate set production), this type of e-tail video has the potential to catch on with both designers looking for novel ways to promote their wares and the retailers looking to sell them. Integrating the video with social media as Neiman Marcus did — along with other interactive features like a Rachel Zoe quiz and link to an interview with the designer in NM magazine — only made the campaign stand out more.


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