RadioShack’s bankruptcy auction started at noon on Monday, and the demise was not surprising to anyone who had visited the outdated shops with limited merchandise. The surprise is that Radio Shack’s digital content was not too bad (relative to other Big Box brands). Ranked average and 28th in L2’s 2014 Digital IQ Index: Big Box, RadioShack had one of the top 10 Big Box brand YouTube channels by views.


Its #UWANTIT ad placed 7th in views among all Big Box YouTube videos, second to just Walmart and Kmart.

BB-01However, Radioshack’s digital fundamentals lagged. It had no mobile-optimized site, ignoring the fact that 78% of searches conducted on smartphones result in a purchase made offline. Meanwhile, competitors Best Buy and Walmart had some of the best-in-class implementations of an omnichannel role model, offering same-day delivery, shipping from store, and shipping directly from a warehouse. Their mobile apps and sites facilitate offline buys: Walmart’s mobile site excels at providing access to shopping lists, inventory status and consumer ratings while Best Buy’s app lets users view inventory by “closest stores” and “immediately available.”


L2 member brands often ask which digital investments should be prioritized over others. The chart below offers a glimpse at what shoppers expect, and what digital investments are quickly becoming non-negotiable.


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