Typically late adopters when it comes to site functionality and omnichannel capabilities, Fashion brands have leapt to utilize video, with 95% of brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion featuring some type of video on their sites. However, the industry has been slower to take advantage of video advertising.

While 84% of Fashion brands engage in digital advertising on desktop, only 36% employ video ads. Ralph Lauren leads the Index in this regard by a wide margin. Between October 2014 and 2015, the brand generated 97 million impressions on 49 video ads – about three times more than Chanel, which launched only half as many ads.

Brand impressions

Ralph Lauren buys nearly all of its ads directly and distributes them across various websites, the most successful outlets being The New York Times, YouTube, and WhoWhatWear.com. The key to their success is embedded links, which redirect viewers to product pages and social media sites.

With digital video spend expected to increase 43% this year to $10.3 billion, more fashion brands will likely shift from TV and print ads to the new medium. Ralph Lauren’s smooth integration of e-commerce with video content puts the brand ahead of the competition.



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