Despite polishing the brick-and-mortar retail experience, many luxury brands struggle to transfer that approach online. Two brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion do a stellar job at replicating the appeal of their physical stores.

A third of brands offer shoppable lookbooks, but Gucci emphasizes the feature. The site depicts products in “looks” rather than individually, just like a display in a physical store. Moreover, prices are not visible until the shopper hovers over a specific product – mirroring the in-store experience of checking price tags.


Fendi also mirrors the physical store by creating a sense of scarcity – rare in e-commerce where consumers generally perceive merchandise as unlimited. When shoppers leave a product page idle for a certain length of time, a pop-up informs them how many other people are also viewing that product and how many are left in stock. Together with Gucci’s lookbook development, Fendi’s new feature suggests that after years of trying to close the gap between digital and physical shopping, brands are finally innovating around the complex ways that consumers interact with products.



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