Reebok ventured into experiential marketing with a new ad challenging passersby to get active.

Last week in Stockholm, the brand installed an outdoor ad able to measure the pace of anyone passing by. Those running faster than 17 kilometers per hour (about 10.5 miles) scored a pair of Reebok sneakers.

“We really like the idea of taking a classic billboard and turning it into something disruptive and unique. This gives customers an instant experience,” Markus Schramm, creative at ad agency Animal, which came up with the concept, told Adweek.


A handful of sportswear brands have launched such tactics over the years, from Asics’ marathon challenge to Nike’s pop-up tennis court. Reebok’s new interactive venture suggests the brand is joining the ranks of digitally forward brands. The brand’s early adoption of digital strategies puts it in the Gifted category of L2’s Digital IQ Index: Sportswear. One of only four Sportswear brands employing Like2Buy on Instagram, Reebok also scores points for its investments in product customization and YouTube presence. A new focus on experiential marketing could help the brand compete with its digitally advanced rivals.





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