With subscription services disrupting the fitness, home cooking, specialty retail, and automotive sectors, restaurants are following suit. Many chains now offer grab-and-go kits or quick delivery kits prepared by local chefs.

For example, New York-based restaurant group Dos Caminos launched its own kit called “Guac’Tailing”. The Guac’Tailing kit provides everything a guest needs to make guacamole and margaritas (sans tequila).

However, creating and promoting their own meal kits can be a daunting task for restaurants, as they need to drive these alternative revenue streams without compromising their brand. Third-party subscription services like MealPal have enabled brands to dabble in subscriptions with minimal effort. MealPal found its own unique niche, capitalizing on the “near me” opportunity and creating subscription packages for quick lunch options at highly discounted rates by launching what is essentially an off-price market for restaurants to drive foot traffic during slow hours.


With BlueApron, HelloFresh and Amazon’s potential quick delivery kit being the talk of the town, restaurants are ripe for digital disruption. Hopping on the subscription bandwagon offers one useful way to drive revenue.

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