Seven months ago, Instagram opened advertising to all brands, but certain categories have been quicker to jump. For example, 30% of retail brands in L2’s Instagram vs. Snapchat report have advertised on the platform whereas just 1% of personal care brands have taken a step. After Retail, Beauty and Fashion are the biggest categories to advertise with 12% and 13% brands doing so respectively. This contrasts with Facebook and Snapchat, in that the first advertisers on those platforms are consumer brands. On Facebook, 19% of ads promoted CPG products and 16% promoted beverages. Snapchat seems to be closer to Facebook in its advertiser breakdown; 21% of Sportswear brands advertise on the platform, while just 1% of Fashion brands and 4% of Retail brands do so.

The nature of advertisers suggest Instagram’s high-end look and feel resembles (and can perhaps be a replacement for) the pages of glossy magazines. Meanwhile Snapchat and Facebook encourage video, humor, filters and participation, all characteristics of consumer product campaigns.

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