More than half of online shoppers prefer to retrieve their purchases from physical stores, citing the lack of shipping fees as a major motivator, in addition to geographical convenience. Yet the experience often falls short of expectations. Only a third of American shoppers who use omnichannel services describe in-store pickup as “smooth,” according to a recent survey.

That highlights a stark reality: while executives tout their brands’ omnichannel strategies, few have implemented the basic features necessary to carry them out. According to L2’s Omnichannel ranking, 63% of retailers lag at omnichannel, while only 6% demonstrate leadership.

To drive customers to stores, brands should offer store locators and directions – a simple step that nonetheless less than half of retailers have taken, according to L2’s study. Additionally, just 52% of retailers display inventories so that shoppers can see whether the items they want are in stock at their local store.


Despite the high demand for in-store pickup, only 51% of retailers offer the service, and many that do provide in-store pickup struggle to create a seamless experience. Macy’s defies this trend. The brand site displays product availability in just one click, without compelling shoppers to leave the product page, and the retailer further separates itself from the pack through the sheer number of products available for in-store pick up. Given the increased consumer preference for omnichannel offerings, other retailers may want to follow suit.

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