While gift guides may be a common site on retailer websites this holiday season, Nordstrom has turned to automated chat bots to ease gifting anxiety among its holiday shoppers. Nordstrom’s gift guide is available via Kik and Facebook Messenger, and gives consumers personalized gift recommendations based on their answers to a series of questions about each gift recipient.

Nordstrom is ahead of the curve when it comes to chat bot adoption—according to L2’s upcoming Intelligence Report: Social Platforms 2017, only two percent of Index brands have a chat bot on Facebook Messenger and just one percent have implemented a chat bot on Kik.

Like Nordstrom, most brands have leveraged chat bots to easily provide personalized experiences without prohibitive investments in human capital. While Nordstrom’s chat bot gives consumers the option to message a customer care representative, the gift guide service does not require the workforce typically needed for maintain consistent live chat.


Chat bots provide the ideal opportunity for luxury and prestige brands to transition their high-touch, concierge services from offline to online. Yet few high-end brands have implemented the practice. On Facebook Messenger, Nordstrom joins high-end brands Burberry, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Tommy Hilfiger, as well as fellow Department Store Macy’s. On Kik, which is primarily geared toward teenagers, Nordstrom is the first prestige apparel retailer to launch a bot.

A few other luxury brands have also turned to chat bots for product recommendations this holiday season. Burberry’s Messenger chat bot also includes a gift guide while Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Messenger chat bot provides recommended products by asking the user a series of questions.

In the aspirational category, American Eagle also launched a gift guide chat bot this holiday season, available on both Kik and Facebook Messenger. After the user answers questions about their gift recipient, American Eagle’s bot gives the intended gift recipient a description (i.e. “Life of the Party”), which links to a landing page on the brand’s site where users can shop recommended gifts and peruse curated content.

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