Consumers spend three-fifths of online shopping time on smartphones, and next year, most of them will use the devices to make at least one purchase. However, mobile accounts for only 16% of shopping transactions, according to L2’s mobile payments report – suggesting that the clunky checkout experience deters many shoppers from leaving their computers behind.

To carry out a purchase, the average brand requires shoppers to click through two to four pages and fill out 13 to 16 fields, according to the study. Even more cumbersome, most sites are not mobile-optimized: just one in three brands incorporates native drop-down fields and iOS-enabled navigation. As a result, more than a third of consumers yearn for easier checkout.

Number of fields by sector

The key to a smooth mobile checkout process, according to the study, is to offer one-click payment alongside a range of other options. For example, Cole Haan integrates Touch ID into its app, allowing for a quick and seamless checkout experience. However, a third of brands fail to offer expedited payment options.

If brands want to convince shoppers to turn away from their computers, the study makes clear, they need to review the entire process—from research to transaction – with an eye towards reducing the number of steps. By making it easier and faster to buy things on a smartphone, they could finally trigger the long-awaited shift to mobile.





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