Moving from blushes to bustiers, Rihanna will soon be adding lingerie designer to her repertoire.

The singer and makeup maven has reportedly been working with TechStyle, parent company of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, to create a lingerie line. While TechStyle is no stranger to celebrity-backed brands, a collaboration with Rihanna could bring more than just star power.

Rihanna catapulted Fenty Beauty into the spotlight by making digital a priority. The brand’s site reflects these investments: for example, foundation product pages include 40 on-model images, a visual investment that surged in popularity in 2017, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty. Additionally, lip product pages show each color on four to six models with different skin tones. Most importantly, these images are also included on Fenty’s Sephora product pages, an opportunity for exposure missed by most brands. If these tactics are replicated in the hitmaker’s upcoming lingerie line, they would line up with TechStyle’s decision to make digital commerce and technology its mission.

Fenty’s launch was also magnified by a ton of activity on Rihanna’s own social platforms, especially Instagram, where the star announced the line with several posts. The Fenty Beauty Instagram account in turn quickly garnered almost two million followers, with content engagement rates three times the average for beauty brands, according to L2’s Indie Index. Both handles linked to the beauty brand in their bios and influencers were recruited to review the products; Rihanna even modeled some herself, turning Fenty into the 14th most mentioned brand by top Instagram influencers, despite its newcomer status. To stand out in the lingerie market, her new line could benefit from a similar level of authentic communication.

Just as Fenty Beauty set a new bar for inclusivity in beauty, it’s likely that her lingerie line will break barriers in both shades and sizes, a much needed change currently swooping across the industry. If the success of Fenty Beauty is any indication, Rihanna’s lingerie line could be just the right dash of digital prowess, authentic messaging, and social visibility for TechStyle as the company prepares for its IPO.

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