Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 5.01.22 PMRimmel London is taking virtual reality makeup a step beyond testing of shade swatches with the Get the Look app, which was recently launched in the UK. The app offers a gallery of makeup looks users can try on virtually. But the real kicker is the app’s Steal the Look feature– users can point to any person or magazine photo to detect their makeup look and try it on virtually.

Rimmel VP of Global Market Montse Passolas told L2 that Rimmel began developing in this direction after realizing women were increasingly taking inspiration from what they were seeing on the streets – and on each other. “[Our audience] likes to replicate. We communicate to her, if you like what your friend is wearing, snap it, steal it, wear it.”

It’s not just about following other beauty addicts either. Rimmel encourages users to submit pictures of themselves in the “Steal the Crown” portion for a chance to be the top voted picture.

Far more than a novelty, virtual makeup testing is becoming an opportunity for brands to engage beauty shoppers and lead them down the purchase funnel.  Designed for a mobile obsessed user-based that constantly takes photos with the camera phone, these apps provide reassurance and guidance as the next step for those browsing for cosmetic products. Rimmel London’s Get the Look and Sephora’s Virtual Artist lead to products that can be instantly purchased to recreate a look, and the latter provides tutorials – both closing the purchase loop.

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