Wherever there’s an opportunity for improvement in the digital space, there’s almost always an app for that. If in the rare instance there isn’t, give it a few minutes–someone is likely working on it. And the “you” in this scenario does not necessarily mean the everyday user. For brands as well, particularly in the social media arena, apps are popping up left and right with the purpose of helping companies not only reach more influencers but also foster influencer-brand interaction that is original, memorable and fun. The latest high-profile launch of this kind is Wrapp, a Stockholm-based outfit whose app facilitates digital gift-certificate sharing on Facebook.



Founded less than a year ago, Wrapp recently concluded a successful pilot program in the European market (60 retailers, 165,000 users, 1.4 million gift cards) and as of today is ready to allow American Facebookers and brands the chance to use its simple, useful functionality. To kick off today’s launch, Wrapp announced its first partner brands, a list that includes big-name retailers like H&M, Sephora, and GAP, as well as smaller, savvy startups like eyewear darling Warby Parker and art-cool boutique Fab.


The way Wrapp works is twofold: Facebook users can either contribute money toward online gift cards for their friends (choosing from participating vendors), or they can share brand-generated offers with friends for free. Now, not every friend is eligible to redeem every store’s offer; some offers come with certain geographical and even demographical restrictions. But still, getting $5 or $10-off without doing anything but logging into your Facebook account is a pretty cool prospect. The obvious question is, why would brands give away money to anyone, much less thousands–or more–for free? The answer is that this sort of sharing can both widen a brand’s audience and serve as a low-cost substitute for purchasing pricey Facebook and online banner ads. And since brands only pay Wrapp when a gift card is redeemed, the risk involved is attractively low.


As of now, Wrapp only has 10 participating brands in its U.S. efforts, but the company says “more than 15 additional partners” will be added by the end of May.


(Image via Wrapp)


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