UK supermarket Sainsbury’s has announced plans to up its beauty game by introducing 1,500 new cult and premium brands to its online and in-store offering. The move puts it in direct competition with health and beauty retailers Boots and Superdrug.

In the physical space, Sainsbury’s will rely on dedicated beauty experts and an in-store makeover to highlight this shift. However, changes in the digital space are yet to be revealed.

Sainsbury’s is no stranger to the digital world, earning a Gifted rank in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Retail Europe, but it falls behind Superdrug and Boots. If Sainsbury’s goes head-to-head with these brands, here are a couple points it needs to consider:

Site: Sainsbury’s site racks up 14 million monthly visits, ahead of Boots’ 12 million and Superdrug’s 7 million. However, it lacks the optimized product pages that are commonplace on Boots and Superdrug. Boots’ product pages include multiple images, detailed information and descriptive “how-to” content. This is the perfect place to plant relevant keywords that boost organic search visibility.

Social: Sainsbury’s stands out in the ranking for the most-viewed YouTube video and innovative use of Instagram Stories. However, content on its main Instagram handle is heavily geared towards its first love – groceries. While the images are colorful and tantalize the taste buds, this content only shows one side of this multifaceted supermarket. To succeed in raising awareness of its new offering on social media, Sainsbury’s can look to Marks & Spencer, which successfully positions its account to show the breadth of its products – food, clothing, and homeware.

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