Saks shoppers can now use iMessage to inquire about and purchase products. Even though messaging technology holds significant potential for brands to personalize communication with consumers, few have actually managed to leverage this technology; the move puts the department store ahead of many competitors.

Brands rushed to connect with consumers on Facebook Messenger, another popular messaging service, but implementation continues to lag adoption. While 81% of brands tracked by L2 have accounts on the platform, less than a third of those brands respond to inquiries in less than an hour, according to L2’s Messaging report. And while 60% of U.S. consumers use chat bots, just two retailers, three luxury brands, and three beverage brands have taken advantage of the service.

Brands with Facebook Messenger features

Messaging technology offers brands the chance to provide highly personalized services, as well as exclusive discounts, appointment booking, and product recommendations. By becoming an early adopter, Saks has the chance to surpass the competition.

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