More than half of consumers use social media to call out brands expecting a response, yet only a third of luxury brands have officially responded to user comments on at least one social media platform over the past three months. Luxury brands should make a greater effort to address this feedback, says Gartner L2’s latest¬†social media¬†report.

David Yurman offers a good example of how luxury brands can deal with both positive and negative comments. The brand takes special care to reach out to people who have bad experiences with the brand, and ask for more information so they can continue the conversation off social media. The brand also acknowledges commenters who have queries about products and pricing by telling them where they can find the products they’re looking for.

David Yurman

The luxury hotel industry also successfully connects dissatisfied customers to the right channel, with 75% of hotel brands responding to comments on Facebook. It’s no longer enough to just acknowledge comments. Brands need to think about connecting customers to the right channel in order to show that they take customer service requests seriously.

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