Maybelline, this year’s number one beauty brand, pulled out all the stops across the digital landscape. Partially responsible for this grand ascension is its search strategy, which brought on a 5% increase in organic first-page search visibility this year. Half of its upstream search traffic comes from highly competitive unbranded search terms such as “matte lipstick” and “contouring.”

Keyword search

The Genius brand secures this visibility by aggressively infusing broad product terms onto its landing pages. For instance, the landing pages for “contouring” and “matte lipstick” have the terms written 10 and 46 times, respectively. However, Maybelline does not haphazardly insert these terms onto pages for SEO’s sake.

Without sacrificing aesthetics, Maybelline incorporates its educational content onto gallery pages instead of spacing them out across the website. On the “contouring” landing page, it showcases products with high-quality photos and descriptions, tutorials, and how-to videos. This creates a two-fold effect by providing consumers with a seamless, content-rich experience while allowing Maybelline to boost the amount of keywords on a page.

Producing educational content requires considerable investment of both time and money. To ensure the highest return on investment, Maybelline consolidates its keyword-packed content onto its landing pages, boosting the brand’s search visibility. Two birds, one stone.

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