beautyMarketing agency PM Digital released a report last week that revealed beauty brands should be investing in search as 40% of clicks to makeup and skincare sites were driven by search engines. Of all search engines, Google was the highest driver of traffic, accounting for 30% of referrals to makeup and skincare sites and 10x that of Bing.


Brands seem to be aware of this. PM Digital’s study says even the smallest players in the Beauty industry derive half of their traffic from paid search. In our Digital IQ Index: Beauty report, we also look at the search strategies of 63 global beauty brands. 81% purchase against their own brand terms.


However, competition for ownership is fierce. Despite their efforts, brands control on average just 27% of terms due to similar term purchases from retailers Nordstrom, Sephora, Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart and Amazon has displayed the most aggressive strategy, appearing among top ten search results for 74% of fragrance-related search terms, 68% of skincare terms, and 62% of color cosmetics terms.


To gain visibility, brands might need to expand to other battlegrounds such as YouTube, Amazon, mobile and Google+. A few have already adopted that strategy by growing their Google+ presence and working with Vloggers to become more visible on YouTube.

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