Who Won the Holidays? Brands that optimized for consumer searches specific to the shopping season. Not only were successful brands more aggressive with increased spend, they were more adept at bidding on holiday-specific terms and tweaking content to optimize for appearing in organic results. For example, The Body Shop and Lancôme optimized for holiday searches with gift-buying guides and mixing and matching products into gift sets. Lancôme appeared frequently for terms like “holiday makeup” and “holiday beauty collection.”

On the other end of the spectrum, prestige fragrance brands fell short even though searches for their product category increases as the holidays approach every year. Only 15% of brands appeared in either paid or organic results during the study period.


More concerning among prestige fragrance brands: discount sites like, and are owning almost all results for fragrance searches. Fragrance brands must be even more aggressive in retaining their search position to protect brand equity.


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