It’s no surprise search visibility plays an important role in increasing market share, but our 2013 Digital IQ Index: Home Care report shows a strong correlation between the two. The graph below pinpoints percentage of e-tailer visibility in first page search results and market share. We tested e-tailer visibility by typing search terms such as “dish soap” and “laundry” and tallied results. Overall, brands with a higher percentage of e-tailer visibility in first page search results hold a larger piece of the market.


The trend had a few exceptions. Charmin, for example had high 42% visibility across e-tailers for “toilet paper.” Bounty had slightly lower visibility, 40%, for “paper towel” but a much larger market share of 46% compared to Charmin’s 28%. A few brands such as Clorox were very visible in one category (bleach) but did poorly in others, adversely affecting overall visibility. Procter & Gamble brands had high visibility across all categories but paper towels, where they tied with Kimberly-Clark and Georgia-Pacific.

E-commerce makes up a small percentage of Home Care sales; only 1% of household products and groceries are purchased online. Except the percentage is expected to increase, and improving search visibility would be a good strategy for brands looking to get a head start.

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