While brands collect more consumer data than ever, most are at a loss for what to do with it. More than half of marketers grade their personalization efforts as a C or worse, and 83% of marketing content creators say personalization is their biggest obstacle.

This interactive visualization evaluates 106 brands in terms of their data capture and personalization investments. Brands score points not only for capturing consumer data, but also for incorporating that data into cross-selling tactics, account customization features, and guided selling tools. Lancôme and Bloomingdale’s are two leaders here, scoring high on both data capture and personalization metrics. In contrast, Ulta and United Airlines capture large amounts of consumer data but do little with that information.

Data targeting

Proactiv and Prada are laggards, completely ignoring personalization – a major missed opportunity. L2’s Data & Targeting report finds multiple benefits to personalization: for example, mobile apps with personalization features garner higher reviews and ratings, and consumers typically unsubscribe from email lists that send them irrelevant messages. Without investing in such features, brands risk losing market share to competitors.

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