Selfridges was recently named luxury retailer of 2014 for successfully branding itself a shopping and entertainment destination. Luxury Daily praised its in-store events, digital games (where customers could play the sales associate role), and new online store (relaunched in October).

In L2’s Digital IQ Index: Department Stores, Selfridges fell in the Average category but impressed with omnichannel capabilities. In addition to offering in-store pickup as a convenience, Selfridges made in-store pickup mandatory for Cartier items to drive consumers in-store for a retail experience (and potentially other purchases). The department store brand aggressively promoted its in-store pickup during the holidays and installed drive-through pickup in 2014.

Selfridges is one example of Department Stores’ aggressive recent investments in click-and-collect, especially in Europe. Fifty-three percent of brands in L2’s Department Store study offered in-store pickup in 2014, up from just 36% in the previous year.


U.K. and France lead with 78% and 67% of respective countries offering click-and-collect.


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