With remarkable revenue growth of over 400% in just 18 months, hard seltzer rode a wave of success throughout 2018. As has been the case across the CPG industry, disruptive new entrants like White Claw rely on savvy digital marketing and recent health-conscious trends to drain market share from (and compete with) well-established incumbents. Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beverages & Beer underlines the prevalence of these trends across the wider beverage industry.

White Claw invests in text-based content to drive organic search visibility. In a burgeoning product landscape like hard seltzer’s, this provides an advantage through top-of-the-funnel content – which will in turn drive brand awareness for potential consumers doing research on the new product. This pays dividends and results in White Claw owning the number-one Google search position against the term “hard seltzer.”

Hard seltzer

Similarly, White Claw seeks new customers from a different demographic through its website’s links to and promotion of the brand’s Instagram page, highlighting the company’s commitment to social media advertising. The successful execution of content strategy and the capitalization on consumer health trends employed by White Claw carry over to other digital platforms. White Claw’s Instagram feed is characterized by fitness imagery and the outdoors, reinforcing its healthy branding. 

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