L2’s Digital IQ Index: Personal Care | France finds that 58% of all digital investment in France is paid search advertising. SEM also has faster growth; it grew by 5% per year between 2011 an 2013, while display advertising grew by just 2%. The graph below shows how personal care brands are investing in search. They lag behind other industries, as more than half still do not purchase against their brand terms. Meanwhile, a few have started to in more sophisticated features such Product Listing Ads.

text (3)The search landscape in Google, however, is about to change. Brands participating in Google+ are being featured in the “Google Information Graph” upper right hand corner, offering information about a brand pulled from the Google+ page. An informative Google+ page is becoming crucial to brand image; the next most visible results are PLA’s, which small online pharmacies and supermarkets dominate in the personal care category

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