Brands often waver about whether to invest in search or display ads, as they work best in tandem. Display ads increase awareness about a brand, but search ads cost less and have lasting effects on buying behavior. In non-branded SEO, Fashion brands have ceded to multibrand retailers like Nordstrom and Macy’s. In branded SEM, however, Luxury Fashion brands have exhibited with aggressive competence against apparel and handbag terms to eliminate results from grey market retailers. Eighty-eight percent of Fashion brands opt to buy ads when third-party ads appeared against their brand terms.

In display ads, Fashion brands are leveraging their relationships with print publishers. The top sites Fashion brands pay to advertise on are online publications with a print legacy:, New York Magazine, and New York Times.

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In this year’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion, Gucci and Coach (who also topped the Index) had the highest number of relative impressions. Gucci led in the number of unique creative spots (8.5x the Index average) and the number of impressions (6.9x the Index average).

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