Considering Snapchat’s attractive demographic, it’s surprising that more brands haven’t invested in the platform. Just 6% of brands have sent marketing messages on the platform, with Asos, Audi, Brooks Running, and Heineken as the most active brands based on the most sent and received snaps.

But this week marketing heavyweight Sephora made its first splash in the platform with a Snapchat sweepstakes. Fans who think they’re eyebrows are “fleek” have a chance to show their brow grooming skills on Snapchat. They must share a screenshot on their Snapchat creation on Instagram with the hashtag #SephoraSnapsSweeps. A winner chosen at random will be given a $500 Sephora gift card.

We’re predicting that Sephora will raise the bar for Snapchat marketing given its success on a variety of platforms. .L2’s 2014 Specialty Retail Report features Sephora campaign “25 days of MerryCrazyGiveaways” as a Flash of Genius since it doubled site traffic at twice the rate of competitors.

Sephora has one of the top ten Twitter accounts in followers among specialty retailers.


It is among the few brands who have found success on Pinterest through leveraging its tutorials.

RESIZE-05It has fifth largest Vine fan-base among specialty retailers.


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