In L2’s latest Social Platforms report, just 6% of brands were active on Snapchat. Yet that number is growing as more brands experiment with the fastest-growing platform hosting an attractive, young demographic. (Snapchat’s users increased by 57% between 2013 and 2014, and 83% of its users are under the age of 35.)

Sephora is one of the latest brands to launch an innovative campaign on the platform. Instead of attempting to lure millennials with contests or product previews, Sephora is choosing the strategy with a proven track record: influencers. The retailer tapped it-girl, DJ, and founder of Beautfied Hannah Bronfman to record a day in her life, through the lens of beauty and cosmetic products.

L2-daily-vlogger-search-resultsThe influencer phenomenon is especially prevalent in the Beauty category, where spokesmodels can multiply engagement with a brand. Influencers’ reign extends to search as well, where vloggers occupy 67% of first-page results for branded search. The pull of celebrities is even greater: in the 24 hours after Estée Lauder announced the hiring of Kendall Jenner as a spokesperson, @esteelauder’s instagram following jumped by 18%.

Further proving the advantage of influencers’ regardless of content is L2’s comparison of identical posts shared by a brand and an influencer. L2’s latest Beauty study finds that influencer reposts on Instagram can garner up to 64x the engagement of identical posts by brands. For example, a post on L’Oréal spokesperson Barbara Palvin’s Instagram profile yielded 112,000 likes vs. 4,539 when posted by the brand.

Sephora adopted a smart strategy when starting its Snapchat endeavors with methods tested on other visual, social, mobile platforms.

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