Sephora is sweetening up its Beauty Insider loyalty program for the first time in five years. Although the makeup hub already boasts a well-groomed digital offering, the recent upgrade indicates a decision to bank even bigger on loyalty.

Beauty Insiders and the expansive community of followers were already a large part of Sephora’s digital success, reflecting a wider trend among beauty retailers. Along with increasing points per dollar spent, Sephora is now layering on more benefits for loyalty members, including a wider variety of redeemable products and the option to swap gift cards for points.

In the past, the program underwent several mini-makeovers of its own, including the addition of an on-site Community hub and shopper-to-shopper live chat in 2017 that aimed to further connect members. Similar to its newest upgrade, the company relied on attractive incentives to build momentum. In this case, fifty Beauty Insider points were awarded to brand loyalists, who then rapidly joined the platform and generated 1,500 threads per day and fifty looks per hour, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Specialty Retail. More than 5% of the brand’s site traffic went to content and Community pages, compared to less than 1% on competitor Ulta’s brand site. This success confirms that for brands looking to escalate the digital ladder, loyalty can be a central element of this progress.

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