Sephora partnered with Indian Beauty Retailer Arvin Lifestyle Brands this month as part of a plan to expand in the country. This is Sephora’s third partnership in India, as past partnerships have been severed.


In markets other than India, Sephora has been an example of creating a global e-commerce model that works in sync with its brick-and-mortar stores. Named as one of the top specialty retail brands in e-commerce localization in L2’s Intelligence Report: Localization, Sephora is one of few brands able to balance global site expansion with translating its e-commerce and site assets. Sephora translates all of its sites into local languages, without scaling back the quantity of global brand sites it owns.


Sephora’s standout localization effort, however, is its loyalty program customized for the U.S., France and China. The program is tiered in all countries, but benefits and requirements vary. For example, U.S. customers are tiered based on their annual spending while Chinese and French customers are elevated based on the number of transactions. Tiers are rewarded with discounts in France and China and with samples in the U.S.

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