Genius and No. 1 in L2’s 2016 Specialty Retail study Sephora launched a swipeable campaign to promote its in-house brand, and is placing it on Tinder and its mobile and desktop sites. The campaign has two features titled “Swipe it, shop it” and “Beauty Uncomplicated” which deliver personalized selections from 1,000 shades. The first allows users to swipe left or right to pass on a beauty shade or product or buy it, while the second allows users to fill in the blanks to find the exact product they are looking for. (The fillable text reads as follows: I want “blank” that’s “blank” and “blank.” Choices range from pencil eyeliner and lipstick to blendable and immune to water.)

These gamified features are innovative ways to engage consumers and guide them to a sale, as well as an incentive for users to return to an app. While customers may download apps for curiosity, keeping them as repeat users presents a challenge for brands as just 75% of app downloads are never revisited. L2 research finds that just 9% of brands with iOS apps employ a game or visualizer, which is effective in driving repeat visits.

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