Online shopping prime time starts at 8pm, yet few brands offer customer service outside traditional working hours. Just 7 out of 69 brands in L2’s luxury customer service report offer 24/7 live touch customer service, and barely a third have any weekend availability—meaning that brands are missing the opportunity to help consumers when they’re actually shopping.

Louis Vuitton

Brands without the resources to offer 24/7 service can provide other channels for interaction. Louis Vuitton’s contact page offers multiple customer service options, including providing a connection to the brand’s Facebook page, which has a sophisticated chatbot, as well as other social media channels.


The chatbot can answer basic questions and provide product recommendations through a series of guided questions; the fashion brand even takes it one step further, giving the option to directly message an advisor who will respond within four business hours. These extensive customer service options give the client multiple channels to reach out and interact with the brand on his or her own schedule.


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