Snapchat is said to be developing a new algorithm to determine the order of posts in user feeds, following Facebook’s lead towards becoming a pay-to-play platform.

Currently, the most recent content shows up first. But the new algorithm opens the door for content publishers, including brands, to pay to boost their content.

So far, only a few brands have aired ads on Snapchat’s Discover feature. Just a fifth of Activewear brands have rolled out the ads, and over half of them are from Nike, according to L2’s report on Snapchat advertising. Many brands are deterred by the cost: each impression costs two cents, and interactive videos cost double. Yet as Snapchat makes its offering more enticing for advertisers, they may find the investments more worthwhile.

Snapchat advertising

Early adopters have the advantage here, such as Burberry, which in April became the first luxury brand to launch its own Discover channel. For 24 hours, Burberry featured articles, short films, and a music video based on the theme of “How to Be a Modern Man,” all with the goal of promoting its Mr. Burberry fragrance. Following its luxury image, the brand entices views with exclusivity: users cannot share or download the music video, making it only viewable on the platform.


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