This Monday, Hearst is launching a Snapchat channel called Sweet. The partnership is spearheaded by Joanna Coles, Cosmopolitan Editor in Chief and Editorial Director of Seventeen. Coles is also in talks to develop a magazine with Airbnb and a television show for NBC. Sweet’s content appears to be lifestyle, as the teaser video shows clips including Carrie Brownstein holding her new book, a pineapple-shaped cocktail, and an active volcano.

In the Social Platforms briefing in San Francisco, L2 described the social landscape as Facebook, Asia, and the seven dwarves. Facebook and APAC platforms QQ and Whatsapp take the top three spots while others flail with minimal reach.

active-users-social-networks-facebook-QQHowever, Snapchat shows huge potential. It is the fifth top mobile app used by the 18 to 24-year-olds, ahead of Twitter and Facebook messenger. As television viewership declines among a young audience, social media is expected to fill the void. Snapchat has already provided video advertising opportunities with Stories and Discover. Advertising on independent channels – especially if run by lifestyle brands – could multiply reach across users who don’t follow brands on Snapchat.


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