Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 4.14.47 PMSnapchat is integrating e-commerce into its platform, and tapping influencers to do so. Bloggers Jacey Duprie (@damselindior on Snapchat), Natalie Suarez (@natalieoffduty), Geri Hirsch (@gerihirsch), Courtney Trop (@always_judging) and Christine Andrew (@hellofashblog) have partnered with the social platform and aggregators ShopStyle and FarFetch to promote their outfits and link them to online shops. Once viewers see their snaps, they are directed to a “shop Snapchat” store on Shopstyle.

Partnership with influencers in tandem with e-commerce launch for Snapchat is a smart strategy, as non-brand voices have been crucial to the success of many campaigns. For example, Calvin Klein’s launch of the #mycalvin campaign (a throwback to the brand’s minimalistic briefs popular in the 90s) resulted in 250 million followers. Much of that was owed to the 100 influencers from 15 countries, and their promotion of the brand’s hashtag.

Even though more brands are participating on social media than ever before, brands’ total share of social traffic for certain categories such as Beauty is declining. Less than 2.5% of traffic directed to Beauty sites comes from social sites.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 4.04.01 PMInfluencers can up that share with their reach, as well as add an element of authenticity to a brand campaign to boost engagement. One example of such a phenomenon: an Estée Lauder video on Instagram starring influencer Kendall Jenner received more than 430K likes on her profile vs. just over 7K likes when posted on the Estée Lauder Instagram account. Just one influencer who was able to multiply engagement with the campaign by a multiple of 61.


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