Snapchat has caught up with Facebook in terms of video views. However, that achievement says little about how users engage with video content.

Snapchat users watch eight billion videos per day, chief executive Evan Spiegel told investors on Monday. That means views have increased five times in the past year, following the platform’s investments in video features like Discovery and Story Explorer. Advertisers have also taken advantage of the new option to bypass the 10-second limit by letting users swipe for longer videos, a particularly popular strategy for movie trailers.

But on Facebook, brands have found that engagement rates do not increase with view count. Despite racking up a huge number of views, Cartier’s mini-movie “The Proposal” generated an engagement rate of only 4.9%, according to L2’s Intelligence Report: Video. Meanwhile, detailed shots of the brand’s jewelry garnered fewer views but resulted in 18.6% engagement.

Cartier's video engagement

Given the paucity of engagement metrics for Snapchat, brands can turn to Facebook for clues on what content might resonate with users. Branding and product videos generate the most engagement on Facebook, accounting for 87 of the 100 brand videos with the highest engagement in L2’s study. For Beauty and Hair Care brands, tutorials also registered powerful engagement.

Most-engaged Facebook videos

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